Sunday, 20 September 2009


PNEU (Sat)

France | Head Records, No=Fi, Runforyourlife, MusicFearSatan

It’s encouraging to see a European duo making people all hot in the pants in the same way they might over ATP and Pitchfork sponsored American noise-rock and few better deserve it than Pneu; alongside Sincabeza, they are doing wonders for making you want to move to France with their gossip-inducing live shows. The music shares similarities with USA power duos ala Lightning Bolt and Hella but Pneu aren’t scared of a bit of double bass drum-pedal action and chugging classic rock-outs. Seemingly unending touring guarantees a performance of head-shaking precision, and of course they are incredibly loud

Pneu are a two piece math come post hardcore rock from France. with the basis of energetic drums and looping guitar solos. instrumental is their key genre with the odd chant here and there.