Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Ultimate Thrush

Ultimate Thrush (Sun)

Glasgow, Scotland | Winning Sperm Party

On the face of it you'd never expect such an all-out violent assault, both musically and physically when experienced live, to come from three such young, fresh-faced men, but Ultimate Thrush can andwill turn any and all expectations you might have hold completely on their head.

Formed in the final months of 2008, the band (brothers Oliver and Laurie Pitt on guitar and drums respectively, plus Ross Little on vocals) wasted absolutely no time putting together a collection of songs so ferocious, visceral and intense that when they began playing live a mere couple of months later they were quickly and rightfully acknowledged as Glasgow's most brutal new band, bringing a desperately-needed shot in the arm to the city's stagnating underground scene

With just as much urgency, perhaps fearing that a band with such intensity might burn out just as quickly as they formed, Glasgow's Winning Sperm Party label released their debut album, a 12-track lightning-quick assault of spasticated rhythms, dumb-fun riffs and serrated screams. Each copy was hand-made in bizarre, beautiful triangle-shaped packages (it can also be downloaded for free from the W.S.P. site). A mutual appreciation society formed between the band and fellow Glasgow noisemakers Divorce and many gigs have been played together, including a UK tour last October that produced many cuts, bruises, chipped teeth and most importantly EPIC PERFORMANCES!!

Their kinship with Divorce will be preserved on a split tape to be released early in 2010 on Milk.