Sunday, 13 December 2009

Ashtray Navigations

Ashtray Navigations (Fri)

Ashtray Navigations was formed in 1994 in Stoke On Trent, England,  by Phil Todd. Using the barest minimum of outdated equipment, Todd

recorded and self-released dozens of limited edition cassettes (now much sought after by collectors) which presented his pioneering vision of

homemade psychedelic rock and avant-garde noise electronics.
Joined in recent years by synth savant Mel Crowley, live Ashtray Navigations blast off for the furthest reaches of sonic

possibility faster than you can say 'Doremi Fasol Latindo'.
Todd has collaborated live with  Merzbow, Jandek, The New Blockaders, Paul Hession,  MV & EE, Stella Om Source, Nackt Insecten and

The Xenis Emputee Travelling Band, amongst others.
New LP 'Six Imaginary Scenes From The Life of Muhammad Al Aqil' is out now on Egyptian label Nashazphone.

"Ashtray Navigations remain the best interstellar rock band in that genre’s never-ending dystopia."- Scott McKeating, Rock-A-Rolla

"sub-aquatic synth bubble, busted-up cassette-tape hiss and distorted electric guitar hover that sounds like a mythical god banished from the

realm of light and trying desperately to clamber his/her way out of a dark bottomless void where time itself stands still." -James Blackshaw,

Foxy Digitalis

"AN remain a puzzlingly underrated but integral part of the UK underground scene. 'Exploding Blue Floor Martin Denny is the best British solo

electric guitar record since, what, Ray Russell's Secret Asylum?" David Keenan, The Wire March 2009