Friday, 4 December 2009


Castrovalva (Sun)
Leeds | Brew Records

Castrovalva are an experimental noise rock trio (formerly duo) consisting of Drums, Bass and Vocals based in Leeds, England; "The explosive sound is filled with undeniable groove and a brutal catchiness which will push your senses to the limit ...whilst their insanely immersive live shows are a spectacle to behold with every member pouring their blood and sweat (literally) into every gig."

already making there mark in the Leeds music scene with the title "the bad boys of Leeds" and supporting bands such as MONOTONIX, HEALTH & AN ALBATROSS Castrovalva are already turning heads also planning a UK tour with friends PULLED APART BY HORSES & DINOSAUR PILE-UP early Feburary and a Europen tour in april. Castrovalva are writing there EP which will be released early March.

SINGLE OF THE MONTH! - Masters of noise return with more high adrenalized skronked-ness, like a mess wife swap party with part chimp, icarus line, these arms are snakes, mars volta and the sound of someone’s brain being smashed into tiny pieces, over and over again… genius!- A SUBBA-CULTCHA

91% "Thug Poetry" is destined for greatness. -

"Weirdo rock from a leeds duo taking a cue or two from fellow townsfolk That Fucking Tank but twisting a formula of exuberant brutality with neat proggy-toned sidesteps, this mini album is a headfuck like few others on these pages, impressively subversive." - Rocksound Magazine

"You can imagine their live shows to be a tangle of noise and righteous poses" - Rock a Rolla Magazine