Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Serious Sam Barrett

Serious Sam Barrett (Sun)

Yorkshire | YaDig? Records

Serious Sam Barrett is a solo acoustic artist drawing on a vast range of traditional idioms to create his own unique sound. His songwriting contains echoes of the great blues masters such as Bukka White and Blind Willie Mctell but also of American folk and country artists such as the Carter Family. Raised in the English folk tradition, Sam also draws heavily on English, Irish and Scottish folk music and arranges his own unique versions of traditional songs taking influence from such luminaries as Ewan Mcoll, Tim Hart and the Watersons. More recently Sam has been concentrating on songwriting and his current material contains elements of country and pop whilst maintaining the raw style and delivery he is known for.
.. Sam is known for his direct, uncompromising heartfelt live performances and has pursued a remarkably busy gig schedule since embarking on a solo career in 2005. Sam is as comfortable playing in folk clubs as he is in font of rock and punk audiences and his fan base is composed of music lovers from the folk, blues, country and punk scenes. Sam has developed a strong following across England and beyond, having recently completed a 12 date tour of the UK with his frequent musical companions Mike Rossiter and David Broad.