Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Mutant Ape

Mutant Ape (Sat)

Bradford | Ecstatic Peace, Turgid Animal
Mutant Ape is the insane noise project by Yorkshire, UK resident George Proctor. George runs the Turgid Animal label, which since 2005 has been the go-to place for harsh noise, power electronics and other demented spuzz releasing over 500 CDs, CDRS, cassettes, LPs, 10”s, 7”s etc.  He has been releasing Mutant Ape sounds wherever and whenever establishing his classic yet contemporary noise/horror vision of lust and spectacle as one of the premier scum artists of the last decade
Erotic Yorkshire, released on Thrston Moore's Ecstatic Peace Label, is Mutant Ape at its most corrosive delivering from track to track occult ambience to skin shredding power drug electronics. All bookended by the demented and misogynist rants of Jamie Gillis.

Disgust, depression, defilement and demotion are all here for those of you who demand only the best in carnal crud.