Monday, 26 October 2009

A Middle Sex

A Middle Sex (Sat)

Manchester | Slightly Off Kilter, Blackest Rainbow, Carnivals
A Middle Sex are Karl Sveinsson, Philip Sykes, Matthew Ashworth, a trio from Manchester.  They weave together a marathon of syncopated drumming, choral singing with static drones and voices that float in through the cracks and join the party of stalactites above. Bookended by sunburned guitar and swirls of ecstatic vocals.  With releases on Blackest Rainbow, Slightly  Off Kilter & Carnivals. A Middle Sex drift between bleached visions of distant 'pop' music and nauseating, nerve-fried habitats that make for comparisons to Animal Collective, Cabaret Voltaire or Vladislav Delay depending on which of the many colours this band lactate from their musical devices.