Sunday, 20 September 2009

Shield Your Eyes

Shield Your Eyes (Sat)

Guildford | RunForYourLife, SaddamHussein, Gravid Hands

Is there a better band than SYE in the UK or the world right now? I doubt it somehow, don’t you? With two mega-cracking albums under their belts, new haircuts and seemingly unstoppable talent-acceleration, the trio from the dark side of the big smoke are making smiles everywhere they play. Henri’s drumming has recently reached a level that ought to get Zach Hill fans embarrassed about the claims they might have made on his behalf, new lad Nick is pumping out the bass in the most appropriate manner and Stef’s unique – and I mean that – guitar-work is as enchanting as ever. They still somehow manage to avoid being a muso’s band, and the sincerity and efficiency with which they deliver the sonic-goods is humbling. Fans of Karate, Melt Banana, Hella, Breadwinner, Bob Titlon, Spy Vs Spy and Dire Straits, as well as anyone else with ears, should check them out.

Shield Your Eyes has Henri Grimes a.k.a Henri George a.k.a. H.Bone (Bottlenose Dolphins and Tatsunokos Bear), Stef Ketteringham (Guns or Knives, Candles and Push to Fire) and Nick Bavin (Bottlenose Dolphins and Tatsunokos Bear).

Together they play a bunch of songs all written in a hurry in 1972.