Friday, 6 November 2009


Wonderswan (Sat)

Leeds | Good Form Club

Wonderswan was conceived early in 2008 in a dark, damp basement in Leeds and incubated in a warm pouch by the radiant glow of a shared love for scuzzy 90s lo-fi slacker bands. The fledgling creature hatched in April with the addition of drummer G.E.D who heard the youngster crying out with hunger as he floated by attached to some helium balloons. With the additional nourishment of his frantic c86 style drummings, Wonderswan quickly matured and soon found itself performing alongside some of its own favourite bands, including Times New Viking, No Age, Copy Haho and Lovvers to name just a few.

"A beautifully shambolic fuzz laden racket...the sound of beautiful chaos, Pavement meets Dinosaur Jr." The Guardian (read article here)

"A pure piece of early 90’s nostalgia with laid back vocals and scuzzy guitars, full of melancholic optimism. In short, they sound like avid Pavement fans, but this can only be a good thing." P.i.X (read article here)

"Frequently inaudible, but who needs to hear the singer's voice anyway?" Leeds Music Scene (read here)

"The debut 'Wonderswan' release starts off in classic nu-indie fashion with electro effect ridden guitars joined shortly by somewhat uninteresting vocals that sound simply awful over the rabble in the background... I have no idea why Dance To The Radio have licence this to be pressed... There really are no positives I can take from it." SCORPIO PR and Review "The 3rd Biggest Indiependent Music E-Zine In The UK" (read here)