Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Cowtown (DJ Set)

Cowtown will be spinning the wheels of fortune on the Friday at British Wildlife Festival. They have been given full artistic freedom so expect to hear anything inspired by the following.

in no particular order... harold faltermeyer, PRINCE PRINCE PRINCE, talking heads, they might be giants, bilge pump, printed circuit, tigers!, grunge, kenny, deerhoof, dan akroyd, bill murray, john belushi, andy kaufman, queen, thin lizzy, paperRAD, gay against you, a.p.a.t.t, b52's, e.s.g, robocop, prince, sheela E, wendy and lisa, neil young and crazy horse, melt banana, sharky and george, eddie murphy, PARLIMENT/FUNKADELIC, steven seagal, john carpenter, kurt russell, nick nolte, ren and stimpy, stereolab, a.p.a.t.t, public enemy, run DMC, edan, kool kieth, a tribe called quest, pat bennetar, pavement, chevvy chase, rodney dangerfield, sega, tom cruise, john hughes, ed wood, king crimson, JASON, C.F, daniel clowes, jim woodring, brian chippendale, mark beyer, marc bell, hernandez bros, super mario bros, kung-fu master, speedball II, golden axe, D.E.V.O, robots, wizzards (and the band), dinosaurs, the magical world of casio (not a band), KORG, horror movie sound tracks, michael j fox, clara clara, dr detroit, kenny loggins, yes, tom tom club...