Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hired Muscle

Hired Muscle (Sat)
Milton Keynes & London | Unsigned

A noisy, clangy three piece. Guitar bass and drums, no effects. Tons of riffs. Short songs. Mostly funky, some weird rhythms. Three exciteable gentlemen. Members have also been in or played with: Dawn Chorus, Rampant Rabbit, Action Beat, Belt Motel, Hank Haint and Pete Taylors guitar orchestra.

This band was started at school in Bletchley. 2 goons teaching each other guitar. A weezer song at a talent show. Then a few years with some other members under the name Dawn Chorus. Met the other goon (from Kent) in Leeds and lived together. Played some improv funk at parties. Other members left Dawn Chorus. Hired Muscle started. Over the years this band has performed with artists like: Oxes, Medications, Mi Ami, Edie Sedgwick, Action Beat, Bilge Pump, Parts and Labour, USAisamonster, Sincabeza, Giddy Motors, Cat on Form, Cowtown, A.P.A.T.t, Kill Yourself, Duracell, Gatechien, Quack Quack, Cissy, Vialka, Grabba Grabba Tape, That Fucking Tank, Thomas Truax, Fordamage, Sloath...