Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Divorce (Sun)

Glasgow, Scotland | Optimo Music, Merok, Milk Label

Born in Glasgow through a frustration that THEIR kinda music wasn't getting heard in the city, DIVORCE decided that instead of adding to the choir of miserablists and moaners they would instead 'make their own scene'.

Brought together through random encounters, solid friendships and drunken obsessive discussions at terrible parties, the five members who make up DIVORCE (Sinead Youth: vocals - Hillary Van Scoy: guitar, vocals - VSO: bass, vocals - Andy Brown: drums, vocals - Vickie MacDonald: guitar ) had no more of an exacting agenda than just MAKE NOISE and MAKE IT GOOD. Trend-hopping was anathema, a course of action so abhorrent to everyone involved it didn't figure from the very beginning. DIVORCE make no claims for indie credibility or outsider obtuseness, for them to please oneself is the whole of the law.

Their sound quickly coalesed and in a flurry of collective inspiration and enthusiasm a set of songs came together that were ready to be heard and felt by the public only a mere three months after forming, with a sense of stagecraft that would appear confrontational to the audience (Sinead's disrespect of the band/audience 'barrier' often resulted in her giving many in the crowd a more intimate recital) but simply figured to the band as the only honest way to perform.

Early on, this attitude regarding their music, performance and general outlook, got the attention of Glasgow's seminal club OPTIMO (ESPACIO), who invited them to perform at their Sunday residency in November 2008. One brief yet thunderous show later a promise was made to have their noise preserved on vinyl; the results of which can be heard on the four-song, red vinyl 10" ep they released on the club's Optimo Music imprint in June 2009.

Since then they've gained a surprising amount of positive reviews and plaudits from magazines as disparate as Rock-A-Rolla, NME, The Stool Pigeon and Vice as well as many blogs and zines all over the UK. The NME have even attempted to turn their self-created fictional 'Nae-Wave' scene into an actual real thing, as is their wont. Only when 'Nae-Wave' couture starts appearing in Topshop will the alarm-bells start ringing!!

After a hugely successful UK tour was undertaken last October with Glasgow brothers-in-noise Ultimate Thrush, plans are afoot to have releases appear on the Merok and Milk labels in early 2010 along with more gigging all over the UK.