Thursday, 15 October 2009


Palehorse (Fri)

London | Eyes of Sound

For those not familiar with Palehorse, their dual bass guitar, pounding drummer, screaming frontman liveshow has been entertaining kids for a good few of years now. They were on hiatus for a while due to sharing a drummer with MTV2 darlings Million Dead.

Rather than to pummle you into submission at every possible oppertunity, Palehorse spend some of their time held back. A lot of what makes their sound so effective isn't just in the attack, it's in the build up. The ghoulish low endrumble of feedback, acoustic instruments and the psychotic breathing of their frontman Nikolai,

Palehorse are not just at the forefront of current great UK bands, but at the forefront of their genre as well, they are a real band with shit clothes, alcohol problems and a lack of interest in trying to rip off other people's material or play what is around and in vogue at the time, and are a punk band in every sense of the word with true DIY Ethics.