Saturday, 14 November 2009

House of John Player

House of John Player (Sat)

Bletchley | Unsigned
House of John Player is the ongoing bedroom/lo-fi project of Dean Spencer — which has moved through guitars, keyboards, loop pedals, and songs of total charm… somewhere between Animal Collective, Durutti Column, Ariel Pink… - Allan Harrison (MCP)

Since 2006, House of John Player has shared the stage with such fine bands as Quack Quack, Action Beat, Gentle Friendly, Ponytail, David Thomas Broughton, Creeping Nobodies, Baby Venom, Nisennenmondai and many more.

House of John Player – Wow this guy had a decisive strumming style, trapping portions in his looper and over working them with a pacy delivery… reminded me of that Finnish chap, who's name escapes he – really physical, you could literally bottle the energy, cut it from the air ---- like it needed an exit …Wrapped in a slow soak of extended delay…
-Review from Winkstock, Oxford.